Articles of Faith
Doctrines of Grace
History of Tuttle Church


(These Articles of Faith are those adopted by this church whenit was constituted in 1934)

1. We believe in one true and Living God: the Father,the Son and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one.

2. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testamentsare of Divine origin and are our only rule of faith and practice.

3. We believe that sinners are justified in the sightof God only by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.

4. We believe in the doctrine of original sin, and allof Adam's posterity are sinners by nature and by practice.

5. We believe in the doctrine of unconditional electionof the children of God and that they were predestinated to be conformedto the image of Jesus Christ as taught in the scriptures; but we rejectthe doctrine that God predestined or decreed sin.

6. We believe that a knowledge of salvation is manifestedto the heirs of promise by the direct operation of the Holy Ghost in theirhearts.

7. We believe that baptism by immersion, the Lord's Supper,and the washing of the saint's feet are ordinances of the church commandedby Jesus Christ, and should be practiced by His people in a church capacity.

8. We believe that the mortal bodies of all mankind, whodie in this time world, are laid in the grave, or elsewhere, will be raisedat the return of Jesus Christ, some to everlasting life and some to everlastingshame and contempt.

9. We believe that the joys of the righteous and the punishmentof the wicked will be eternal.

10. We believe that no minister shall administer the ordinanceof Baptism until he has been regularly baptized and has come under theimposition of the hands of the presbytery by the authority of the PrimitiveBaptist Church.

11. We believe that none but regularly baptized believershave a right to commune at the Lord's table.

12. We believe it to be disorderly for members of theLord's Church to unite with any secret order or institution of the day.